Lincs Junior Golf Tour

Everyone is a winner in our events.

There can only be ‘one winner’ in any event, but you must put yourself on the line to ‘fail’ to win personally; that is when you grow and become your best and taht is all that matters. 

Lincs Junior Golf Tour

Sunday Afternoon Junior  League

Children love the competitive environment; they enjoy challenges. This league aims to encourage children to progress further along their golfing journey.  Whether the child is getting too good for Golf Sixes or has a club handicap, this golf tour caters for everyone. We just want them to have fun, and make new friends; ultimately keeping them in the game. 

The format and age-specific course lengths allow boys and girls aged seven and above to compete on a level to be crowned League Champion in October 2024.

Lincs Junior Golf Tour

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Lincs junior Golf Tour Stamford

Age-Specific Course Lengths

Every golfer wants to get birdies and shoot a low score, whatever their age.

With so much golf that children can view nowadays, we want them to do the same whilst playing in our events.

We use the American short course system, as used on the PGA Tour event, the PNC Championship.

We hope every golfer will be chipping, if not putting, for birdie on every hole.

Last year, we were inches from an albatross!

Let the fun begin!


Black 1171 7 & 8
Orange 1461 7
Yellow 1753 8 & 9 9 & 10
Green 2047 10 11 & 12
Purple 2338 11 13 & 14
Red 2631 12 15 to 18
Men’s Yellow 2919 13 & 14
Men’s White 3057 15 to 18

Key Features

  • Twelve age categories (seven boys and five girls).
  • Limited to twenty-four players per event.
  • Tee off from 2.30 pm in each event.
  • Medals for all participants.
  • Prizes for top three scores.
  • Meals are available after play (preorder necessary).
  • End-of-season League Championship for top six boys and girls. Trophies for the overall winner and top boy and girl.
  • The best three finishes count towards the League Championship. (Points awarded per finishing position).

The Sunday League 2024

Sunday 14 April

from 2.30 pm start

Sunday 5 May

from 2.30 pm start

Sunday 16 June

from 2.30 pm start

Sunday 28 July

from 2.30 pm start

Sunday 22 September

from 2.30 pm start

Sunday 20 October

from 2.30 pm start

NEW FOR 2024

LPGA Girls Golf

Nine-hole events for girls only aged seven and above who are ready to play on the golf course.

The events will utilise the age-specific course lengths as outlined above, and each girl playing will receive a medal of particpation.

Sunday 19 May

from 2.30 pm start

Sunday 4 August

from 2.30 pm start

Adult & Child Texas Scramble

Sunday 15 September

Nine-hole Texas-scramble format.

Open to adults and juniors with or without handicaps.

Age/ability-specific course lengths will be used
(Adults  – ability specific course length)
(Juniors – age-specific course length).

Thirteen junior age categories
(Medals for all and a trophy for the category winners).

Sunday 15 September

from 2.00 pm start

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