U.S. Kids Player Pathway

The US Kids Golf Player Pathway junior golf coaching program at Burghley Park Golf Club.

us kids player pathway at Lincs Junior Golf.

Junior Golf Coaching

US Kids Golf developed a roadmap that can take virtually any player from an absolute beginner to an elite competition player in simple, incremental steps. Even more, this easy-to-follow series of booklets makes developing the correct golf skills fun and rewarding. 

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The enjoyable way to learn to play golf

US Kids Golf Player Pathway at Lincs Junior Golf.


The programme includes easy-to-understand keepsake booklets. The booklets use kid-friendly terminology with simple and effective methods to teach, learn, and advance.


A progressive learning program that provides attainable goals and awards while challenging development and skills.

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Mastered badges US Kids Golf

Celebrating Success

Mastering a level is a milestone that we celebrate with each badge awarded and awards for gold (Level 5) and Platinum Players (Level 10) Awards.

US Kids player pathway explained

Attending Made Easy

You choose which session to attend each week. We appreciate the busy lifestyles of a child – school, social and other appointments that crop up and always seem to be on a paid lesson time. Using a mobile app called Spond, we allow you to decide when your child attends their golf coaching session.

Through the app, you receive notifications when all the relevant sessions are available for you to register for. It is then on a first-come, first-served basis to register. (There is a waiting list feature, and the system notifies you if a space becomes available).

Yes, most children do tend to attend the same session each week, but it does give you an element of flexibility each week and the ability to participate in more than one session in a week if you so choose.

Ready to Sign Up

To start your child’s golfing journey with Lincs Junior Golf Academy at Burghley Park Golf Club, please email us using the link below and we will send you through more details.

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