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Why a developmental tool and not JUST a sport?

Golf is more than an activity, and golf is a developmental tool preparing the child for adulthood.

The significant aspect of this learning is that they do not know it is happening. Which makes it even better, and it doesn’t need any bribes!

Golf has essential life skills integral in its play, that you, a parent wishes for your child to have in plenty.

Let me show you these skills:

Would you like your child to be able to take control and make decisions?

Would you like your son or daughter away to develop skills that will help them well into adulthood, in all aspects of their lives?

Would you want your son or daughter to have fun learning to be the best they can be in the classroom and challenge themselves to improve further?

Then read on, this is for you!

My last article was about golf and problem solving and how playing helps children work things out instead of taking the easier option of ‘giving up.’ This article – decision making follows on nicely and highlights another reason that getting your child into golf helps them in life and gives them activity for their entire life.


So, out on the golf course, you have addressed the problem and worked out a solution, or maybe two or three?

  • Do I lay up short of the water?
  • Do I hit a six or seven iron?
  • Do I go for the flag?
  • Do I hit out of the trees sideways or hot forwards?

Then the fun begins, make a decision and quick. In golf, you have 40 seconds to play your shot from when it is your turn to play, and this is not long at all.

So what does this all mean? Well, firstly, you have to get to your golf ball fast and assess quickly. Otherwise, you will rush your decision leading to an error of choice or in performance.


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How does this help your child?


Playing golf will help them to make decisions and for themselves. There is no help or assistance permitted in golf, and your child is ‘alone’ in their own game.

Your child will develop the skill of solving a problem / assessing a situation immediately and making an outcome or decision fast.


  • This skill will help children in many aspects of their lives, school, personal, and work.
  • At school, tests and exams often include decision making in the form of multiple-choice questions?
    Take someone who works in the NHS or police, for example? They are constantly assessing situations and making the correct decision.
  • At home, examples are endless, shopping, where to go on holiday, what to buy a friend for their birthday and the list goes on.

As I hope you are beginning to see, golf can have a massive impact on a child’s life now and forever. And this is a sport that anyone can play and enjoy doing so.

Top Three Reasons for Getting Your Child into Golf

School Holiday golf camps
My top reasons for starting golf

  • Non-sporty, hang on, what did I say? Yes, golf doesn’t have to be competitive; it can be fun and time with friends. BUT,  you can compete and be the best in the world.
  • Non-energetic, I cannot put lazy because swinging a golf club uses the entire body. Still, it is played at a walking pace.
  • Non-physical, there is no rough stuff with a game of golf. Rather you than me, getting in the way of a swinging golf club? (Been there, done that, ouch!)


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