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Why a developmental tool and not a sport? 


Following my last article, when I discussed how golf helps develop the skill of perseverance, I will now talk about another key life skill that golf silently promotes.

Let me continue:

Would you like to see your child rise to a challenge when others quit?

Would you like your son or daughter to enjoy the accomplishment and its reward?

Would you want your son or daughter to have fun learning to be the best they can be in the classroom and challenge themselves to improve further?

Then read on, this is for you!

Every golfer I know wishes their golf ball would finish exactly where they planned it to end; on the fairway, on the green, in the hole and so on. The truth is, it doesn’t!

Golf Problem Solving for Kids

So what am I suggesting?



A golfer is continually problem-solving. Laural and Hardy come to mind here, “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!” and that is golf in a nutshell.

A good round of golf is if you can hit about three shots that turn out exactly as you planned them.

Ben Hogam


Golf is one scene after another; how do I get my ball to where I want it to be? How do I stop my ball from going to the right? Even when your golf ball is on the green, and you are putting. You still have to problem-solve. What is the slope on the green? Where do I need to aim, and hard do I need to strike the golf ball? It just goes on and on for bad and good golf shots alike.

When we coach children to play golf, we encourage them to problem-solve their golf because we know it will help them in school and life.

In golf coaching sessions, we might challenge the children to work out how to hit a golf shot low or get the ball in the hole in one go on a slope.

We will allow them to make mistakes on the golf course and see if they can work out a better way to play the shot or what they could have done differently to get the result they were looking at achieving.

School Holiday golf camps

The top reasons for starting golf

  • Non-sporty, hang on, what did I say? Yes, golf doesn’t have to be competitive; it can be fun and time with friends. BUT,  you can compete and be the best in the world.
  • Non-energetic, I cannot put lazy because swinging a golf club uses the entire body. Still, it is played at a walking pace.
  • Non-physical, there is no rough stuff with a game of golf. 


Lincs Junior Golf Academy

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